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MLB Player Pitches Ideas

An idea takes flight in the John Manlove Marketing & Communications(JMMC) conference room. John Manlove, CEO JMMC; Leah Manlove Howard, VP JMMC; Johnny Smecca, Galveston Restaurant Group; Jeff Sjostrom, Executive Director Galveston Economic Development Partnership; Gina Manlove, President JMMC; Dr.

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Top Down Inside Out Branding

5-3-17 Most businesses start out with a unique idea, a spark of creativity and then ultimately end up a copy of some other company they encountered along the way.  This evolution ultimately ends up in the sad cycle of “me

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Restoring a Piece of History

Houston Couple Find Their Perfect Haven in an Old House By Barbara Canetti • Photography by Anthony Rathbun The renovation and restoration of the corner house in the Lost Bayou historic neighborhood in Galveston was more than a leap of

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Surfs Up!

Texas surfing and Texas surfboards have a uniqueness of their own. Surfing became popular in Galveston in the 60’s and the most popular style boards were the “long boards” boards that were 9 foot and longer. As styles changed boards

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Manlove Angels

The angelic crew at Manlove joined Be an Angel at Target in Pasadena on November 18 to shop for holiday gifts for disabled children. The program gives gifts to nearly 4,600 Houston Area children with multiple disabilities or profound deafness

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Carriage House Open for Business

Everyone at Manlove knows of John and Gina’s passion for Galveston and the restoration of historic homes, but did you know they have completely remodeled the carriage house that is on the grounds of their Galveston home, and it is

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This isn’t your typical fluorescent lit cube farm. This is Manlove, where creativity has been woven into the environment with colorful, innovative and conducive workspaces. “Creating a cool workplace should reflect an agency’s culture, and we believe our offices are

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