Mankind Mission Has Launched

We are taking you to the edge of the creative and branding frontier. We never surrender and always resist mediocrity.  It is indeed what you see that makes the difference. It is in our soul to redefine industries by redefining

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“We’ve Arrived” – JMMC TV Campaign Wins Big

The Telly Awards has named John Manlove Marketing & Communications as a Silver winner (the highest award) in the 36th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled “We’ve Arrived” for Bridgeland a Howard Hughes Development. With nearly 13,000 entries from all 50

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Manlove rises to the occasion – Park Towers

TPMC Realty Corporation has selected Manlove to rebrand Park Towers, the company’s premier commercial property in Houston. Located in the Uptown area, Park Towers has been a real estate icon for over 30 years, and is preparing to launch the

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Davey Awards Recognize Manlove

The 2015 Davey Awards recently recognized Manlove for creative excellence with 5 prestigious awards. With nearly 4,000 entries from across the US and around the world, the Davey Awards honors the finest creative work from the best agencies, firms, and

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For Branding Choose Your Words Wisely

The Advertising world is a world of words. Think about it, brands are created in the mind, but to get inside in the mind requires words, artfully selected words, words that create a specific image in the mind. These words

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Sponsored Content A Digital Advertorial

As brands attempt to create an online competitive advantage they are turning to some established advertising methods taken from the print-media world. In the online environment having your message go “viral” is considered an award-winning achievement of digital marketing. With

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The news show 60 Minutes recently produced a short documentary on Tabasco, the hot legendary pepper sauce company now in its fifth generation, which makes them a very rare breed. Tabasco has beat-the-odds of passing a business on from one

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Manlove Angels

The angelic crew at Manlove joined Be an Angel at Target in Pasadena on November 18 to shop for holiday gifts for disabled children. The program gives gifts to nearly 4,600 Houston Area children with multiple disabilities or profound deafness

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Carriage House Open for Business

Everyone at Manlove knows of John and Gina’s passion for Galveston and the restoration of historic homes, but did you know they have completely remodeled the carriage house that is on the grounds of their Galveston home, and it is

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This isn’t your typical fluorescent lit cube farm. This is Manlove, where creativity has been woven into the environment with colorful, innovative and conducive workspaces. “Creating a cool workplace should reflect an agency’s culture, and we believe our offices are

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