About Us

“A campaign should take you somewhere new, someplace you haven’t been before – that is our measure of success.”



Living the Dream

A Third Generation Family-Owned Agency

Years ago, an ambitious young man had a vision to create measurable results for all of his clIents, a strategy that has served his company well. Starting with a one-color printing press in his father’s garage, John Manlove set out on a journey to create one of the largest, most award winning agencies in the Houston area.

The experience of building a business from the ground up and helping many companies build theirs, has left a permanent value system within John Manlove Marketing & Communications. Values that include: give the client more than they expect, create campaigns based on proven fundamentals, and build the company on lasting relationships.

John Manlove Marketing & Communications is a company with decades of experience and the kind of knowledge you want on your team. Whether B2B or B2C we have improved the effectiveness of every campaign we have been involved with. John Manlove Marketing & Communications is a company that has a history of creating results.


Leah Howard

VP/Brand Development Director

lmhoward@johnmanlove.com | 832.444.1177



Melody Farkas

Chief Operating Officer




Eddy Henry

Chief Creative Officer




Our Team

Manlove has scoured the best coffee shops in the world to find the most creative and dedicated marketing experts in the world. From the Champs Elysées of Paris, to the Salsa music capital of the world Cali, Colombia, to the streets of Houston we have built a remarkable team of branding professionals.

Our international staff creates unforgettable campaigns that generate results, garnish awards, and build awareness for a diverse group of clients. To know our team is to know the best in the industry.