Manlove hosts Kenneth Stevens, Senior Advisor to Rick Perry, U.S. Secretary of Energy

From L to R: Leah Manlove Howard, Principal JMMC; Blake Wilde, Marketing, Freedom CNG; John Manlove, CEO, JMMC; William Winters, President, Freedom CNG; Kenneth Stevens, Senior Advisor to Secretary Perry; Eddie Murray, Business Development, Freedom CNG; Gina Manlove, Executive VP, JMMC; Michelle Hundley, Principal, JMMC.

– Freedom CNG of Houston capitalizes on its name in efforts to promote U.S. natural gas and further Secretary Perry’s clean energy initiatives –

HOUSTON, Texas, June 10, 2019 – Yesterday, John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) arranged and hosted a meeting between their client, Freedom CNG of Houston, and Kenneth Stevens, Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry.

With the U.S. Department of Energy’s continued classification of natural gas as “Freedom Gas,” Freedom CNG is capitalizing on its name by connecting with the Department to further support and enhance efforts in promoting U.S. natural gas as a cost-effective and viable energy option.

Freedom CNG has already been successful with “Drive Cleaner Air” in Harris County by actively replacing old “dirty diesel” trucks with clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks. According to William Winters, CEO of Freedom CNG, “cars and trucks account for roughly 70% of all air emissions in our area, and 33% of all emissions in the area emanate from heavy duty trucks. By replacing these trucks with clean-burning natural gas, we will have a profound impact on air quality in our area.”

After the meeting, Kenneth Stevens congratulated Freedom CNG for their on-going efforts to promote U.S. natural gas and will continue to engage with the organization in an effort to further Secretary Perry’s clean energy initiatives.

Compressed Natural Gas is the new power for the road ahead. It’s clean, affordable and abundantly available. For more information, subscribe to the newly released Drive Cleaner Air Podcast, also on Spotify. The Drive Cleaner Air Podcast is focused on providing an open discussion of alternatives to traditional transportation. The interactive podcast is produced by JMMC and our expert guests educate the public on different types of alternative fuels, promoting the use of clean fuels, and reducing the amount of pollution that the transportation industry produces. Freedom CNG is actively sponsoring the podcast to further the goal of helping everyone Drive Cleaner Air.