Word of Mouth – The Most Trusted Form of Advertising

In spite of advancements in digital marketing and an infinite number of ways to connect with your audience, the oldest and most basic form of marketing remains the most effective: word of mouth. Here’s why it’s so important for brands

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Monthly Round up June 15

Want to see what’s been happening recently in the news? Check out our roundup of the most relevant articles of the month.  FACEBOOK UNDER FIRE AFTER PROBE COVERS EMAILS (June 12, 2019) Emails uncovered appear to connect CEO Mark Zuckerberg to

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The 10 Most Powerful Emotions to Use in Your Advertising

Many elements contribute to effective advertising, but if you can elicit an emotion from your audience, your message is more likely to stick with them, which could lead to a sale. Both positive and negative feelings can drive consumers to

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Manlove hosts Kenneth Stevens, Senior Advisor to Rick Perry, U.S. Secretary of Energy

    – Freedom CNG of Houston capitalizes on its name in efforts to promote U.S. natural gas and further Secretary Perry’s clean energy initiatives – HOUSTON, Texas, June 10, 2019 – Yesterday, John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) arranged and hosted a meeting between their

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JMMC Congratulates Galveston College for New Marketing Success

  – JMMC Congratulates Galveston College for New Marketing Success –   Galveston College located on Galveston Island by directive of the Board of Trustees initiated a drive to establish a branding and marketing campaign. The college was seeking to

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Less Talk, More Action Part 2: Delivering on Your Brand Promise

In part one of this series, we discussed the five building blocks of an effective brand promise. The next step is to deliver on that promise in a meaningful way by taking action. Here’s how to make sure your efforts

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Monthly Round Up May 15

Want to keep up with what’s happening this month in the news? Here is our roundup of the most relevant articles of the month.  GOOGLE PREPARES PRIVACY TOOLS TO RESTRICT TRACKING ON WEB (May 6, 2019) According to the Wall Street Journal,

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Less Talk, More Action Part 1: Defining Your Brand Promise

Your brand is about more than just your name, logo, and tagline—it’s about standing for something. A strong brand evokes emotion and encourages people to connect with your business.  Your brand isn’t what you say it is—it’s what people perceive

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Monthly Round Up April 15th

Want to see what’s been happening recently in the news? YOUTUBE ATTEMPTS TO EARN BACK TRUST OF ADVERTISERS (February 28, 2019) YouTube has updated its eligibility requirement for monetization. Following a string of brand safety controversies. They are pledging to implement

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Video Technology Could Be Your Next Avenue For Advertising

At John Manlove Marketing and Communications we have the technology to introduce a business’s new products to its customers. Employees and customers can be informed about improvements within the company through instructional videos of new products. Gain credibility through interviewing

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