Putting the “Strategy” Back into Social Content Strategy

Social media managers are always on the lookout for the next big trend. As a result, far too many brands have lowered the bar on social content. Learn how to make a more significant impact by strategizing your social content

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How to Make Your Brand More Instant

On-demand video rentals. Instantly buffered YouTube videos. Free two-day shipping. Grocery delivery in two hours or less. These are the expectations consumers have today. Smartphones with a continuous Internet connection fuels a growing craving, not only for access to instant

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MANKIND Content Studio

 As advertisers clamor for ever more compelling ways to distinguish themselves and reach their target audiences, John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) has unveiled MANKIND, a new in-house branded content studio for the agency’s clients. “MANKIND aims to produce relevant

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Weekly Roundup September 5

Want to see what’s happening this week in the news? Here is our weekly roundup of the most relevant articles of the week. BLOOD TESTING COMPANY DISSOLVING AFTER CRIMINAL CHARGES (September 5, 2018) Theranos, a blood testing company facing  criminal charges against founder Elizabeth

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Pros and Cons of Working with a Marketing Agency

  Marketing is necessary to get the word out about your business, but should you keep this task in-house or hire a marketing agency? Consider the pros and cons of having an agency handle your marketing needs. Pros An increasing

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Case Study – The Howard Hughes Corporation

The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) owns, manages and develops real estate for residential, commercial and mixed-use applications in 15 states across the US. John Manlove Marketing & Communications has been involved with marketing for HHC since 1999. Two of the

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The Youngest is Transforming One of the Oldest Agencies in Houston

Houston, TX – August 13, 2018 John Manlove Marketing & Communications, JMMC, is a vigorous and innovative agency that draws on more than 57 years of experience in branding and campaign strategies. The firm is one of the most successful and

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How to Handle Ad Blocking

When you flip past the ads in a magazine, change the radio station to avoid hearing advertisements, or wait until a commercial break on TV to leave the room, you’re deliberately skipping ads. Today, technology makes it easier than ever

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American Advertising Federation – Houston Chooses John Manlove as Chairman-Elect

Houston Texas, July 2018 – John Manlove, CEO and President of John Manlove Marketing & Communications, was elected to serve as Chairman-Elect of  Houston’s American Advertising Federation. The mission of  Houston Advertising Federation (AAF-H) is to advance the advertising profession

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Weekly Roundup August 1

Want to see what’s happening this week in the news? Here is our weekly roundup of the most relevant articles of the week. FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ANNOUNCE TIME TRACKING TOOL (August 1, 2018) Facebook announced new tools to help people manage

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